Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

We use Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) a sophisticated modern product that greatly improves the physical properties of traditional wood as a building material. It has extremely high thermal insulation properties and is six times lighter than concrete with the same load-bearing capacity. It provides improved acoustic properties that, according to STC and IIC standards, make it soundproof.

Significantly, as CLT is delivered to the construction site in prefabricated modular form, it takes on average, 70% less time to complete a CLT build than a comparable concrete, or bricks and mortar, project. A major contributing factor to the speed of completion is that, unlike concrete, timber is a ‘dry’ building material that does not require either the time to dry, or the time to cure and achieve its final strength.

The wood also provides long-term environmental benefits as it stores carbon-dioxide, naturally preventing it from entering the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. It is also a ‘healthy’ building material that naturally breathes, regulating temperature and humidity – acting like an organic air conditioning system and significantly improving your quality of life.

Produced in a single factory, our modular units ensure consistent building quality and reduced environmental impact. The process of building with CLT panels is a fast and dry process, with minimal waste that can be easily recycled. The technology of multilayer glued wood panels is the most modern technology in use today and our CLT wood panels are produced using low polluting techniques, relatively low energy, minimal fresh water and zero percentage of waste in factory processes.


High efficiency design ensures fast construction and transportation with significantly less local impact and reduced energy waste and fuel usage.

window and door systems

Our high-efficiency double-glazed, double casement window and door systems deliver superior technical performance and quality assured thermal insulation along with the highest levels of functionality and design.